I am grateful for every step

That brought me here.

Every desire,

Every mistake,

Every lesson,

Even the most costly.

I give thanks for each lesson

Disguised as a beloved,

I give thanks for the beloved.

I offer myself to this land,

So that I may be a blessing,

So that I may restore what was taken,

And leave here without a trace.

I willingly shed my illusions,

Layer by layer by layer,

Until I am standing naked

Before the void.

I bow in honor to the Mystery,

The one I used to call God,

Who has orchestrated the symphony of this life,

With whom I play hide and seek,

And to whom I give my devotion.

In awe, I rest.



I am existing in negative space.
Not this.
Not that.
Not that either.
Everywhere at my feet,
I look down and see
Remnants of former lives
Former beliefs
Former systems
That strangled my spirit.
I sip my coffee,
Feeling the nothingness;
Sensing the fullness
Of nothingness.
And resting.
Knowing that my beautiful life
Lies nowhere in those remnants.
It lies at the edges of safety,
In the halo of possibilities
Floating around me.
With senses open,
I can feel my power to choose
Ways of being,
That create my beautiful life,
And invite others to do the same.

This is only the beginning…



I claim that a warrior simply pursues truth in all its forms,
Cleaning the windshield of perception,
To remove all distortions,
Reclaiming all energy
From the past.
Expanding the capacity
To see and know,
Neither indulging in,
Nor avoiding emotions.

Who follows none,
Nor leads others.
Who knows wisdom
Only comes from within,
Gained only through
Personal experience
And always pointing towards THAT.
Who walks the souls path,
Wherever it leads,
Alone or together,
Whichever is called.
Wielding the sword,
As deftly as the rose,
Serving the biggest
Definition of Love
In each moment.



Stephanie Dawn Clark

You..are a snowflake, here on a mission. I can help. I help motivated people tap into their uniqueness to accelerate their mission.