Stephanie Dawn Clark spent decades playing by the rules—corporate success, a stable marriage, safety, security. Her odyssey of self-discovery led her to leave all the apparent safety of her old life behind—and build a new foundation for everything, based in radical truth and trust. She’s been a transformational coach to Fortune 500 CEO’s, NASA leaders, and housewives; she’s helped women discover their bodies, their wisdom, and their magic; she's written and provocative and powerful memoir, The Book of Stephanie; and today she devotes herself to the grassroots feminine revolution, helping the world reclaim its reverence for the feminine power and mystery in all of us. She offers the medicines of somatic healing and reclamation, deep connection to the inner compass, and re-connection to the interdependence of all life on her land, The Sacred Grove.

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Stephanie Dawn Clark

You..are a snowflake, here on a mission. I can help. I help motivated people tap into their uniqueness to accelerate their mission.