Nice to Meet You

Stephanie Dawn Clark
1 min readJun 7, 2022


Life just happens,
Largely out of our control.
People change,
Relationships shift and sometimes end,
Jobs disappear,
Money comes and goes,
Systems crumble,
Wars rage,
Climate changes,
Extinctions occur.

Seems to me that the best we can hope for
Is to meet each moment of life with congruence,
With full access to our current truth.
Honoring what shows up,
Feeling what that brings,
Meeting each moment as it is —
Not as we planned it to be,
Nor as we’ve experienced it before.

Where we grieve if we need to,
Laugh if we can,
And stand for our truth
With ferocity.
Where we get still and listen
To know which to do.
Clearing away and healing
Each obstacle we meet.
This conditioning,
That trauma,
And all the programming that comes
With being a human.

In this space there is
No manifesting,
Nor even surrendering.
No control at all.
Just a meeting,
Eye to eye with the Universe.

I see you,
And I am here.



Stephanie Dawn Clark

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