The Putrid Feast

Stephanie Dawn Clark
1 min readJun 13, 2022


I was conceived in the wounds of my
Mother and father,
And theirs,
And theirs,
And theirs.
Archaic distortions,
Ancient violations,
Embedded in my original cells,
Encoded in my DNA,
Transmitted to my soma-
The sins of the father.

Born into agreements I never made,
Layer upon layer of invisible weight,
Sitting at a table of life
With a rotting feast.
Born of distorted ingredients-
The meat of Greed,
The fruit of Oppression,
The wine of Violence,
Now the fragrance of decay.
Too much to be composted,
Overwhelmed silence,
Frozen in time.

After decades of eating
At this putrid feast;
Sitting at the table of
Obsolete emptiness,
I finally see.
I push my chair back
And I stand up.

Surveying the decomposing landscape,
Not knowing where to begin
To clean up this mess.
I gather a plate,
A cup,
And then,
I sense what needs to be done.
My arm ceremoniously extends,
And in one swift and graceful motion,
I sweep the table clean.



Stephanie Dawn Clark

I am a Capacity Coach who helps pioneers of the new paradigm courageously make their unique contribution in this lifetime.